Wonderful Look of the Beach Style Living Rooms

Absolutely, living room is the first entrance for guest to visit your home. Bad condition of living room will make your guest not comfortable. Also yourself too, you blame yourself because too ashamed, hmm.  That’s why you need an idea to makeover your living room so that the guest will be stand alive when they are visiting you. A cheerful feeling will come true, too. There are many styles living room design. One of them is beach style living rooms. Although your home is not in the beach, or near the beach, you could set up your living room like on the home style beach. How can? Here, I will explain it to you.

First, you should choose the materials. Paint color, furniture style, and also the accessories. Because the theme is beach, you should choose reflection and relaxation color. Coastal blue, blue ocean color, aquamarine, or all about blue is describing the beach. These colors give charming seaside look. Sandy colors represent sand. Light beige or neutral color gives subtle accents. To mimic ethereal and welcoming area, enhance with woven shades, calm color, and coast accessories like beach glass or seashells and seaweed furnishing. For the furniture, you can set up rattan chair combining little white puff sofa inside, or fully sofa with strips pattern, blues and greens. Add some pillows and coastal prints.

If your home not near the beach, put harbor or beach painting. That brings beach feeling straight home. It will be so cozy living overlooking the water, so why not set a large window like wall to wall windows and outside view although the outside is not water? Some bricks also okay for the wall, it gives life more live! Well, next is adding rug in the middle of floor that explains the sea or beach breeze. It will give a wonderful look and function. The last but not least is as usual, suit with your space and size. Don’t overlook, then you will get beach style living rooms.

Published on Sep 13, 2013 | Under Miscellaneous | By Angela Burton
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