Wall Tile Design Ideas

There are many benefits that you can get in using wall tiles in your home. Besides becoming an aesthetically choice, wall tile design ideas can make use in a long time because they are durable. It is also waterproof surface that can be cleaned easily.

Creating wall tile design ideas should match a vivid color that used in your tile design with the furniture that there are in your home. It can be an effective visual. For example; if you have the chairs that are the color is green, you can create a geometric pattern of wall tiles by using the green color. Then, the easiest way is by incorporating picture tile. You can buy the tiles with a painted picture on them. Then locate them among the plain-colored tile. You must remember that you don’t use too many picture tiles. It will make overwhelm the wall and also decrease the effect of each picture tile. Another choice is you can use mirror tiles in your design. By using mirror tiles, you can create the illusion of larger space.

So, it is very appropriate to use in the small room to make it look larger. Besides, mirror tiles have the extra texture to the aesthetic of a room. Then, there is also a method of wall tile design ideas by using tile animation. Buy the pre-painted tiles, and then you can paint them by yourself. The concept of the animations can be based on your own ideas. For example; you can create an animated effect of someone jumping off a diving board into your bathtub by painting five or six wall tiles. You can choose one of them based on which one do you love to decor the walls in your home. It will make your home have the aesthetic value.

Published on Oct 31, 2015 | Under Ideas & Design | By Angela Burton
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