Unique Paint for Exterior Door

Your exterior door will require different type of paint from the interior one. Of course it is obvious since your exterior door will face more “brutal” condition compared to the interior one. So, what is the best paint for exterior door that can be applied to your exterior door? Since there are many types of paint, it will be good if you know what kind of paint that you have to use for getting your exterior door painted. Let’s go check it folks.

Latex paint

This paint will be suitable because it is strong against the elements and will not come off easily. This kind of paint will also stick stronger because of the material that used for making the paint. You can get this paint in semi-gloss, flat, or high gloss types which is of course a great advantage since we have more choice.

Paint based type

Choosing water based paint will be unwise since it might be so easily to come off the wall. So the oil based paint is the best selection for your house. After choosing the type of the paint, now it’s about time to choose the color. Of course it will be important to match the color of your exterior door with your exterior house’s wall.


If you want to get the exterior door repainted, make sure that you have cleared it thoroughly from dust, dirt and any debris. Just make sure that you have cleaned it so that the paint will stick perfectly. Oil paint will be perfect for the side parts of the door. The latex will be perfect for the door itself. So after you know about what kind of paint that will be perfect for your exterior door then it’s about time to get the project done.

Published on Sep 4, 2013 | Under Decoration | By Angela Burton
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