Awesome Liquor Bottle Lamps Unique Design of Liquor Bottle Lamps

 Awesome Liquor Bottle Lamps Awesome Liquor Bottle Lamps
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  • Do you know how old the bottle is made of glass to decompose in the soil? It takes hundreds of years to break down a glass bottle without a trace. You can imagine if thousands or even millions of bottles into the trash difficult to disentangle. Then the step to help with recycling or reuse of used glass bottles. Using secondhand items for reuse is one of the go green action to reduce existing waste in the environment around. One of the items that are reusable glass bottles. Usually these bottles used for water but apparently with little creative bottles can be transformed into a lamp for your home. One of the solution of using second bottle glass is make some liquor bottle lamps. As we know, liquor bottle is the most used bottle here, we can find it everywhere, and it means, we can make liquor bottle lamps freely. We have not need to pay for the bottle.  You can start it by gaining all the liquor bottle lamps around your house, maybe your neighbor or your friends. Just make the supply is enough to be created as liquor bottle lamps.

    You simply perforate the bottom of the glass bottle then put neon lights in it that have been connected to the power cord. Then the lights of the bottle you can put in the living room, a family or perhaps as an ornamental garden and a beautiful room that is also environmentally friendly. There are so many models of the liquor bottle lamps, by using the whole glass, or you can also use just parts of them, this make the variation so complex, by applying this liquor bottle lamps, you will get a great aesthetic lights at the wall. This is very beautiful for just a decoration lamps, desk lamps, or standing lamps. The steps of making is very simple actually. Just place any usual lamps on it and turn it on, choose different color of liquor bottle to make great variation.

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