Unique and Colorful Piet Mondrian Furniture

You have so many ways to adorn the house and one of them should be the Piet Mondrian furniture. The way you pick furniture defines almost anything, including the ambiance and atmosphere you are about to pull off during the decoration. So many people now are using the Piet Mondrian furniture when they have to decorate their houses since there are so many amazing benefits from this piece of the furniture. Mondrian is such an amazing style of the decoration and many people love to place this kind of style of the furniture around the house no matter what room is the furniture placed. Why do you have to go with this kind of furniture? What makes it so amazing? Is there any reason behind such an action now?

The Mondrian furniture from Piet is an amazing choice for those who want to bring such a stunning touch to complement the whole look of the modern design through the Mondrian’s straight line and the use of primary color. Here, we have a few pieces of the furniture that are made by Dutch neo-plasticist painter named Piet Mondrian. On the top of the list, we have the Mondrian Inspired Quad, the perfect set of lacquered stationery and pencil boxes in the signature Mondrian motif. Through this kind of addition, you will be able to bring a unique touch into the house no matter where you put it. Then, we also have the Mondrian Inspired Vase by Frank Kerdil, a bit more esoteric kind of choice to place within the house as a decorative accent to enhance the visual appearance of the living room or dining room.

Next, there is a Mondrian Pivot screen that is made by Jacek Ostoya for Mebel, such a great choice of the room divider with stunning and interchangeable frames, not to mention translucent or opaque glass frames to make a great look that suits your room best in the end, my friends.

Published on Sep 27, 2013 | Under Furniture | By Angela Burton
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