Stone for Houses With Plant Vines Types Of Stone Facing for Houses

 Stone for Houses With Plant Vines Stone For Houses With Plant Vines
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  • There are some types of stone facing for house that can be considered to suit with your taste, need and budget. You can easily transform the exterior of your house using stone as the front of your house. However, since there are many types of stone, you need to know the pros and cons of each type to help you decide which one that is suitable for you.

    Natural stone is a great option since this kind of stone has been used for decades. Something natural usually carries more benefits than the on natural one. Using natural stone facing will allow you to need no maintenance to your exterior design. However, the drawback of natural stone is that this is expensive. It also needs some kind of ledge built in the foundation to support extra weight. So, if you want to use natural stone for your exterior home, you need to firstly check whether or not the foundation contains added foundation that can support the eight of the stone. If it is not, then you have to incorporate the foundation before using the stone. Another type of stone used is natural stone veneer. Some drawbacks of natural stone that is heavy with typically six to eight inches in thickness has met the solution by using natural stone veneer, which is only one inch thick. It offers a classic appearance without needed to have additional costs for laboring. So, this is cheaper than natural stone. Faux stone is another option of stone for house façade and this is not a real stone. It made of pouring concrete and pigment into molds that resembles the look of stone. This stone type is popular because it give you the look of stone, but with half cost than natural stone and this is lighter so that it is easy to be installed.

    From some types of stone facing for houses above, you can consider the pros and cons to end up with the most appropriate stone that suit your need and budget.

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