Tree House Hotels Design Architecture

Do you want to experience something unique when travelling? If I may say you try the tree house hotels that become more and more famous these days as so many people all around the world are talking about these tree house hotels. Believe me, guys, you are going to find something amazing, stunning, and memorable as well when you are there. So, for those who want to experience such an unforgettable holiday with families and friends, we have the list of the amazing hotels of the tree house right now. So, are you ready to be amazed here? Read the rest of this post and you will find out the answer right away.

When it comes to the romantic subject of childhood stories, the tree houses should definitely be the answer. We are talking about the place where a valued and priced memory of youthful exploration and imagination is available to attain. Yet, the moment is not gone by the way since you can still experience that kind of amazing moment by going through these popular accommodation options for adults as well. Here, you will be able to find something we would love to call a bit of youthful excitement when you are planning your next trip to one of these tree house hotels. First, we have Cedar Creek Treehouse that is located in Ashford, Washington just ten miles from the Nisqually River entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, a perfect place where you could find an unconventional bed and breakfast experience.

Then, try the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel in Manaus, Brazil, a description of the picture Swiss Family Robinson in the Amazon. Among the largest tree house hotels in the world, the Ariau Amazon has more than ten miles of wooden catwalks that connect the restaurant and other public areas to private suites.

Published on Sep 9, 2013 | Under Architecture & Plan | By Angela Burton
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