Tile Floor Patterns Bathroom – Creating Pattern Using Ceramic Tile

Creating tile floor patterns bathroom can be a good idea to draw the focus of attention in the room. this is easy to create your desire pattern since ceramic tile comes in several different designs and colors that can be transformed into any design you want. Adding patterns to your bathroom design can also add more depth and characters to your bathroom and this is very useful especially your bathroom design is too plain.

Grid pattern is an easy idea that you can try to apply tile floor patterns bathroom since this is the most basic pattern for ceramic tile. You can simply make it using square or rectangular shaped tiles with perfect linear alignment horizontally and vertically. This pattern resembles the grid work on a piece of graph paper. Another pattern idea that is easy to make is checkerboard. You can choose two different colored tiles, one lighter and one darker to create a checkerboard pattern. You can even incorporate three different colors by inserting the third color to the two alternating pattern. Brick pattern is a beautiful tile pattern that can be simply made using identically sized rectangular or square tile with staggered. You can install the tile by creating off-set grout lines and terminate at varying points.

Another pattern that is similar with brick is random pattern, which is also has off-set grout lines. The difference is that this pattern relies on tiles from a variety of different sizes and shapes. For example you can use large squares and rectangles, small squares and rectangles or rectangles in different lengths and widths. If you like the style of random pattern, but you want to have a little regularity, you can use multi tile pattern, which features two or three different types of tile installed in the same repeating pattern. Those are some ideas of tile floor patterns bathroom that you can easily apply in your bathroom.

Published on Oct 14, 2015 | Under Miscellaneous | By Peverell BĂ©lair
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