Tile Design for Showers

Choosing tile design for showers is challenging because sometime you want to make it different, but still complement the rest bathroom décor. there are actually many ideas that you can apply to create a beautiful shower tile design in your bathroom to draw an attention. You just need to have some fun in choosing the most appropriate tile design for your shower.
Painted tile can be a good option of tile design for showers to create a beautiful design in the area. You can simply buy painted tiles instead of painting ceramic tiles because painting ceramic is not appropriate for an area with a high density of moisture like a shower. So, you can buy tiles that already had painted scenes such as human portraits, landscapes and designs. some types of this tile are individual renderings while some others need to be installed together to form pictures. You can also mix modern tiles with natural, rustic tiles. Mix the tiles can be achieved by walling the entire surround with sleek opaque glass tiles in funky colors like neon green and lay one strip of rough gray slate tiles with unfinished look randomly.
Another idea can be achieved by creating a formal look to the whole shower with fancy polished marble in muted color contrasted with candy-red porcelain. Creating mosaic murals in your shower is also a good idea to draw the attention. You can simply buy a bunch of tiny mosaic tiles in different colored sheets, design a mural and cut the mesh away to create groups of colors in your desire shapes. You can make a mural of sunset over the ocean, natural landscape or a forest scene. Just express your artistic talent to create a beautiful mural in your shower.
You just need to open up your creativity to find the right tile design for showers that you can enjoy whenever you spend your time in your shower.

Published on Oct 19, 2015 | Under Miscellaneous | By Peverell Bélair
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