Small Garden Pics

Do you remember there is a game on the playstation console called harvest moon? This one is a famous game, and have been played by million people in the world, what makes this game popular is not the graphic, the graphic is medium and still need to be upgrade I guess, the interesting is on the game based, as you play the game you will become a kids who have a land and farms, the idea is how to maintain the land in to the great garden and  farm, it’s so addictive to play it, anyway as the harvest moon game you may have to plan a garden on your house, if you need a reference here I have same small garden pics, some pictures may adapt from the harvest mood game.

You may play the game for virtually maintain the garden, but it will be very good if you start to plan the real gardening, just see the small garden pics, don’t you feel it will be nice to have it on your house, see the green plant around the garden, fresh vegetable and fruits, the atmosphere is very calming, some people do gardening for other reason, they need time to feel the calm, and gardening can alternatively help them up, it also recommended by many psychiatry, people with bad anger management will need to try this gardening therapy idea.

Gardening have the connection with the health, especially if you have vegetable garden, as you add vegetable on the garden and take care of it, it will make your mind better than before, and as you doing the gardening activity the time of harvest will be the final objective, have a good and healthy plants will truly give a personal satisfaction for you, not only that, you can still consume the vegetable as well, cooking as the healthy meals, starts with good thing and end up with the better thing, so guy’s gardening is good idea is not it?

Published on Sep 19, 2013 | Under Miscellaneous | By Angela Burton
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