Small Bathroom Layouts with Shower

Shower is the heart of bathroom and it usually takes the focus attention of a bathroom. However, sometimes it is difficult to include a shower in your bathroom when the space is too small. Just because you have a small bathroom it doesn’t mean that you can leave the shower. Leaving it will make your bathroom as if has no soul. So, you still need to have the shower in your bathroom no matter what. Creating small bathroom layouts with shower can be the starting point that you need to do to get the shower fit into the space. The layout can be made through some considerations.

Calculate he square footage available in your bathroom where you will put the shower in. plan a shower area in a minimum of 3 square feet. After that, measure the area using a tape measure if you are remodeling a preexisting bathroom shower. When the area is ready, you can calculate the budget needed for the new shower. If you are planning to hire a contractor, consider the cost of installation to your budget calculation. Also, add the cost of tile, fixtures, flooring and walls. It is important to include small bathroom layouts with shower because your plan will be nothing without enough budget. make sure that you keep everything within your price range. When shopping for the shower, pick the colors for the walls or tile of the shower. For small bathroom, light, neutral colors will open up the space and create the illusion of more space. Avoid choosing busy patterns because it will just make your shower feel smaller. You need to also design your shower enclosure by choosing the glass that will extend the square footage of your bathroom.

Those are some things you need to consider to design small bathroom layouts with shower allowing you to use the limited space of your bathroom efficiently.

Published on Oct 31, 2015 | Under Miscellaneous | By Angela Burton
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