Outdoor Furniture Stain – The Best Ways to Stain Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is prone to damage since it faces different weather and climates from time to time so that the original look of the furniture changes overtime. The weather and climates can make your outdoor furniture look tired and shabby. Outdoor furniture stain can be the most effective idea you can use to keep the beauty of your outdoor furniture. However, when staining your furniture, you have to consider some important things.
Since outdoor furniture is different with indoor furniture, the stain used should be highly considered. you have to make sure that your outdoor furniture stain used can protect your furniture from the weather damage. Before staining your furniture, it is important for you to wash down your furniture. Cleanliness is an important key to get your project successfully achieved. You can wash your furniture with a pump sprayer filled with clean water until the dist and dir removed. Make sure that all traces of dirt has been removed and start to stain the furniture with the mixture of five liters of clean water and deck cleaning solution.
Follow the instruction form the manufacturer to achieve the best result. Let the solution for a few minutes to remove any ingrained dirt from the furniture. remove any stubborn marks from the furniture using a stiff scrubbing brush and rinse it with clean water. Let the furniture dry completely before finishing it. Finish the furniture before staining can be done by inspecting the visual appearance of the furniture and complete any repairs to make it beautiful. Rub down the furniture with P100-grit sandpaper to rub down any grain areas caused by the deck cleaning solution application. Keep in mind that you should also rub down the hard to reach areas including the legs and slat tops. After doing some preparations above, you can start staining your outdoor furniture with the right outdoor furniture stain you go with.

Published on Oct 16, 2015 | Under Furniture | By Peverell Bélair
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