Monolithic Dome Homes Design

Monolitic dome homes are a one-piece structure made with concrete and rebar or ridged steel rods. This house is typically economical, Eco friendly and thin shell. Although this is a kind of classic house, this house is still popular today because it gives many advantages to the dwellers.
as traditional buildings, monolithic domes use half much concrete and steel. It is resistant to wind and storm damage because of its curved shape.

Monolithic dome homes are also able to move with the ground during earthquakes. So, it is not collapsing. Also, it cannot be damaged by rot, fire or insects. So, they are so durable and they can last for many years.  Since dome homes are featured with thermal mass in the concrete walls, they are energy efficient. So, the homes are green and environmentally friendly with the features included. The construction of the home itself is unique making the home look attractive. Dome homes are constructed in a circular concrete slab which is reinforced with steel bar. So, it has a strong and durable construction that will completely protect the dwellers.  The house is also embedded with vertical steel bars in the outer edge of foundation to support the dome. This will make sure that the foundation is strong enough to last for years. The blower fans in this house inflate an Airform made of PVC coated nylon or polyester fabrics. The airform is used assume shape of the structure. The exterior of the Airform is surrounded by a grid of vertical and horizontal rebar. Over the rebar grid there is 6.2 or 3 inches of concrete applied. When the concrete is dry, the Airform is removed from the inside so that it can be re-used.
Those are some advantages of monolithic dome homes that you will make the dwellers comfortable living in the house for years.

Published on Sep 30, 2013 | Under Ideas & Design | By Angela Burton
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