Landscape Edging Ideas

Plan to decorate your garden? So you have to consider landscape edging ideas to start everything up. As you know in landscaping, the purpose of edging is to create a definitive line between your flower beds and the rest of your lawn. Edging is certainly like the integral part of landscape design which created by cutting clean lines into the sod. There are some landscape edging ideas that you might find it easily to be followed.

First is by creating an edge in order to cut through the sod along the edge of the garden using flat spade. This will be resulting in shard edges. You can simply fill the edge with mulch until it meets the lawn. But before you should cut the grass about 2 inches deep then pull back the sod. Raking the extra dirt is another option in order to clean the line between the garden and the yard. This ideas will create a clear boundary around your garden.

Second, you can decorate it using stones, large and small which will create and effective and attractive border between your flower beds and the lawn. You can select the attractive larger stones, about the same size as your fist. The choice of stones will bring your garden into more natural looking and create definite vision.

Third is using wooden borders. It is commonly used and so effective in order to define the borders of a walkway. Wood edges will bring your garden a sharp, tailored look regardless of what material that you are going to use for the walkway.

Fourth is using bricks. To get more country look of your house,you can use bricks as the landscape edging of your flower beds. It is the unique way of creating a border. You can use single bricks and lining the border using them which is the simplest way of installing your bricks borders.

Published on Nov 4, 2015 | Under Gardening & Landscaping | By Angela Burton
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