Interior Kitchen Design Photos

With the rapid advancement of technology especially Internet world is very easy for us to look for information and reference point on anything we want to know just click Google we are able to see the world. Including for example in terms of the interior design of our homes. let’s see the picture that also obtained from Google fusion kitchen is certainly very simple and very suitable for those of you who want to design a kitchen with a minimum budget but want optimal function of a kitchen. The location of the stove accidentally placed near a window and without sewer smoke from the window was very help circulates the air in the cooking. Sink is placed to the left of the stove is certainly easier when we want to cook ingredients that we do not need to wash away. Global order is also to be seen like the shape of the letter U is easier for us when busy cooking and preparing the next job is to deal with over the kitchen stove. Location of materials and equipment racks are positioned above the kitchen table also very suitable for me personally with this design we can save time running to pick up the equipment and the design is very suitable for those of you who own a home is not too big.

In the picture we can see the picture here of more modern kitchen and of course, with a bigger budget than the kitchen difference is in the sewer fumes stove and closed the kitchen shelf. This kind of modern design from the picture, because existing refrigerator to store food materials and can be taken for us though. There is a sameness about the location of the sink is on the left side of the stove, but this expensive rack design has a few weaknesses that if you are not familiar with the contents of each cabinet you need to open the closet one by one. This can be overcome by attaching a paper in each closet door to mark any content.

Published on Sep 28, 2013 | Under Ideas & Design | By Angela Burton
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