How to Build A Pond in Your Backyard

What a good day, I have done my jogging time recently, and I found a guy, digging the soil with his shovel, then I ask to him what is that hole for? And he said, it’s for my pond, wow, that awesome, don’t you realize that make a pond is not an easy job? Yes it is, without any experience and knowledge about pond I guess it really hard to do, so I decide to observe that guy activity to know how to build a pond, so I back on the place where I meet the guy, his name is Adam, and he is a constructor.

As I going back to Adam place to learn something about build a pond, I find Adam is measure the land with the tracker, he said measuring is important, to predict the require material, well I guess he right, after he done measuring, he start to create the design, I guess I can done this one, he use the shovel and create the pond design, as he done creating the pond design and says “I guess enough for today” I’m going back to my home and wonder what is the next thing.

Morning is coming and I doing jogging too early, but that’s ok, I just don’t want to missed what Adam do with the pond project, so I came to the Adam place again, I see Adam is adding a stone on the pond, he said this stone is the edges, so he better get this edges covered perfectly, so the water cannot be leak, then he apply some concrete on the pond for the layer base, he really good at constructions job, once he finish the layer, he test the water on the pond to make sure that the water is not leak from the pond.


Published on Sep 6, 2013 | Under Improvement & How To | By Angela Burton
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