How to Build a Koi Pond

We know that some people like koi fish. They would like to spend their money to build a koi pond. The koi fish is a type of ornamental fish. That’s why it sometimes a good idea to have this fish to beautify their home. If you are interested too, but still don’t know how to build a koi pond, you’d better see our post here. To bring the koi fish ponds, there are several things you should consider as it relates to the survival of koi fish in it later.

Make sure the koi fish pond that will be built is located quite close to the water source so that the water circulation can be controlled regularly. Furthermore, it also an important thing to considering the existing trees around the house. If the location of the pool under the trees, it will be easy to get dirty due to the fall foliage in the pool area. But, this can be modified as needed.

For the design, you can choose a minimalist design. Because minimalist pool maintenance felt easier with a fairly low cost compared to a larger pool and it allow you to make a koi fish pond in the area is quite narrow though. Physical form pool are also part of the design of a koi fish pond can not be separated. The corners of the pool, expansive space filter, ideal depth, and a it’s physical materials is a must to watch.

The next thing is the details of the pool as it’s filter system, the oxygen source, the material of pond decoration, additional pipe when the flow of water into the pond is reduced, sinkhole if increasing in the water flow, and drain holes in the bottom or a bottom drain to clean the pool. The cost of making the pool also needs to be taken into account. Because without calculation, a minimalist koi fish pond also potentially high cost. At a minimum, the cost does not exceed a predetermined budget.

With careful planning, including details of a good pool, you can build a good koi fish pond so that koi fish can live well maintained.

Published on Sep 11, 2013 | Under Improvement & How To | By Angela Burton
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