Futuristic Remote Light Control for Home Accessories

Is there any of you have a remote light control problem in your house? Which part is the problem? , Installations? Well looks like our problem is common here, yes the name is remote light control, remote means controlling something from other distance, that maybe regular thing, just like a remote control car that many child play, it also have a sensor system based, so basically anything can be controlled for the distance by applying sensor system, you surely have a TV remote is not it, that TV remote have light infra red ray sensor that send to the receiver sensor.

There so many variations of remote control system, many electronic, gadget may have a infra red sensor in order to send a command, but other thing like RC commonly using a frequency radio wave, just like that chopper remote control, and other aero modeling RC, all have a purpose to control remotely from the distance, just same as this remote light control, you see some place may created for any purposes, just like a secret place in your house, just like on the spy movie, who the spy equipped with a smart gadget, some place build secretly and need a remote control to turn the light on.

Once again technology is prove the power, science and technology now beyond our expectations, start with dream and imaginations from people, yes everything starts from a dream, anyway as the technology is growing faster no, remote system is also become better than before, remote light control is no longer popular, it change with a high sensitivity sensor system, any movement, sounds and shock can become a signal to make the lights on, it very smart is not it, just a single clap, can make all the lights in a room on.

Published on Sep 6, 2013 | Under Product & Tool | By Angela Burton
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