Extraordinary Design for Amazing Tree Houses

Guy’s some house may design different with the others, design may vary, but if you see this one, this house designed on unusual place, yes it is, it’s a amazing tree houses, this house commonly build o the tree, and that’s pretty odd to me, but some people just love to do that, making a house on a tree can be other alternative to funnel the hobbies of making extraordinary house, amazing tree houses can be built perfectly, as the image here, many amazing tree houses were created as artistic and beautiful design.

Do you have any experience about amazing tree houses before, I remember when I was 10 years old, my brother and I plan a tree house on my backyard, we like playing around and make an adventures, and make a tree house can be good idea, we can use it as a secret base, a hideout place for the enemy, we plan to make it, and my dad done that job, he collect the wooden and cut it, then he start build the tree house, that job done in two days, that’s quite fast dad, we really have fun time that day, we put our toys and all stuff on the tree house, we also prefer to sleep on the tree house than on the bedroom.

Well that’s my experience, you know our childhood is can be buy by anything, remember how the fun, the smiles, that time will be unforgettable, ok back to the topic, amazing tree houses, there is a house that designed massively on the tree, this guys really know how to spend a lot of money, and just like a regular house, with interior and furniture, but the locations is on the deep forest, some people called this house forest house.

Published on Sep 3, 2013 | Under Architecture & Plan | By Angela Burton
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