Extra Neat Bedroom Ideas Extra Bedroom Ideas for Modern House Design

 Extra Neat Bedroom Ideas Extra Neat Bedroom Ideas
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  • Small spaced bedroom will definitely give problems for homeowners, but the one which has too wide space will also give problem. Yes, if in small spaced room case we don’t need enough space to put our things, but in too wide bedroom, we don’t know what to do with the extra space. So just in case you are in this kind of condition, here below I will show you some extra bedroom ideas which hopefully can be useful for you when decorating your too large bedroom. Display Since there is extra space inside your bedroom, you can use it as the place for displaying your stuffs. For example you are a motor crosser then you can get your motor cross displayed in the free area of your bedroom. But of course you will need to get your motor cycle cleaned first (as clean as possible/ very clean). Or if you are a skateboarder, then you can use the extra space of your bedroom for displaying the collections of your skateboards. Useful Space Or if you want the extra space of your bedroom used as more useful space, you can change it into work space. You just need to add a desk and then voila, your home office is created. Or maybe you can build entertainment area at the free space of your bedroom. Just add your giant console games into the free space, then you can start playing your favorite games. Or for females, you can definitely build giant closet for storing all the stuffs (which must be many) inside. Chilling Area Or maybe you just want to make the free space as the place for chilling then all you need to do is adding a comfortable and cozy couch or a set of fetch sofas.

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