Cool Spiral Glass Staircase

Here I have some information about spiral glass staircase; you might feel unsafe to use glass material for the staircase glass material can be very fragile, but you don’t have to worried about it, this spiral glass staircase use the special type of glass which is have better resistance then the regular, spiral design is very recommended for you, especially if you have minimum space on your room, spiral design don’t need a lot of space to installed, for the better results and experience I used the enzie universal glass staircase, this one is very astonishing, at first time I see the design on the magazine, I feel in love with the design, it very beautiful with transparent and stainless color, very delighting combination

Enzie universal glass is very well known glass material provider, the quality of the glasses is an award winning product, so you don’t need to worried about the quality and safety, that time I choose the 33 millimeters glass material, every single pieces have better resistance than the regular, with stainless frames and hand rail, you may see the picture or the video on YouTube, there is a fast footage about the installation process of the spiral glass staircase, the workers were very professional, it don’t need long time to finish the installations, and the results is very stunning.

spiral glass staircase is first time announced by the France home designer, that time many contravention happen, as the design announced, the first installation caused accident, the owner fall from the 3 feet high, the causes is the break glass, the first design using the regular glass material and 30 millimeters thick, that can be very dangerous, so the company close the production of the spiral glass staircase, but nearly in the year or 2000, some experts find new inventions about better glass material that suitable and safe for the spiral glass staircase, this follow by the other companies include the Enzie universal glass.

Published on Sep 19, 2013 | Under Appliances | By Angela Burton
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