Cool Interior Design Ideas

How is your feeling about your house, do you feel enough with the current conditions, well you should be graceful for it, I remember when the first time get inside my house, it was the first day after 2 months waiting, done your home building project is like a free from the prison and feel the air outside for the first time, I’m kind a speechless to describe it, once I walk in to my new house, I see the empty room, then I realize I need to do something with it, here is the other big deal, once you done the house, you have to think about the interior design, but I take it slowly, just imagine your house is a blank paper, and you’re the artist who will create a masterpiece on that paper.

Well it’s good to have your house done, but the next is more complicated, you really need to get better inspiration for your interior design, looking the reference on the magazine or web may help, organizing the room may be the right first step, but I will starts about the living room interior, as you see, most living room designed very comfortable, you can add a wainscoting or molding for the wall decoration, frame the window, and add the decoration curtains, that should be enough for the first try.

The next room is the kitchen, well you will need more kitchen cabinet on the wall, just choose the kitchen cabinet, bench and the countertop, you can combine the color later, don’t forget to add a tiles for the kitchen backsplash, the other room is the master suite, this suite will contains three different room, bedroom, bathroom, and the powder room, you may need to see the picture before and after the interior design to see what is changing, some add a vanity, bed, and the bathroom cabinet can be the other option for your better master suite.

Published on Sep 19, 2013 | Under Ideas & Design | By Angela Burton
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