Brown And Blue Living Room

Having brown and blue living room as color combination is definitely the proof that contrast colors can get along well together very well. These two colors is the color combination that will give your home a contemporary, modern look. The rich brown furnishings will provide a grounding effect for the light blue walls of your living room. The blue shade will definitely add a whimsical touch to the decoration, as you will find them going well together perfectly and just easy. These colors also have a retro flair which is good if you love vintage items, because they will get along together very well.

At the first glance, you will see that the chocolate brown and blue living room will leave a little freedom of variation. But it is still agreeable to use a large number of blue shades that perfectly can be paired with chocolate brown. So the final look would be notably different than one in simple shade of blue and brown colors. You can get these colors from the paint colors, textures, patterns and pieces from the furniture of your living room.

You can make a modern look of living room using this colors. Start by decorating the focal point of your living room first. Then you should decide what color that should be the dominant one. After that the decoration will go smoothly as you can purchase a rich brown suede, leather or cloth couch and even a loveseat as the starting point. You can then use a robin’s egg blue set to add whimsical and calming touch to the living room.

Starking contrast to the blue and brown furniture will be the bright hue that definitely will add a contemporary and modern look to the space. You can then coordinate the look using fluffy white rugs on the hardwood floor. The rest of decorating session would go easily if you know and understand that this blue and brown colors are actually having retro flair which is a great thing if you want to discover or even adjust the modern and retro look to the living room.

Published on Sep 9, 2013 | Under Miscellaneous | By Angela Burton
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