Behr Paints Interior Ideas

When you look for paint to make your house look great, classic, elegant, sharpen colorful but calm, you should try behr. Behr is one of paints interior from US that famous around the world. With behr, that has three steps to decorate your house better. First, find your color. Suit with the theme, is that paint match for indoor look. Second, be inspired with your environment, or you can browse on behr site that shows many fresh designs. The last is, start your project, after getting inspiration absolutely. These are behr steps to help you design your interior looks.

Whether using behr paint interior or not, the most important is how to match your interior with the paint color, right? Although you want to paint your interior, but you must look up to your exterior or outdoor look. Why? Because the outdoor lighting will influence your room, effects how a paint color will look and reflect the atmosphere in the house. On the environment with abundant sunshine, brownie and orange is popular. Also, bright colors like russet or straw color, blue, red, or sturdy color. But all will seem awkward if you use that in cold place that doesn’t have shine penetration. Not only adjust to the climate, better you combine your wall and floor with contrast color, it will give warm. Dark wall or floor could absorb sun shine, otherwise, bright color could reflect bright effect, too.

Ideally, house is decorated to appropriate the owner, so that the owner should be felt comfortable. Choose the paint wisely, because every color gives different emotion. Choose the paint color by looking for the theme, modern color will suit with modern house, romantic is suit with retro or art deco, burgundy and kingdom color suit with classic temporary. Then, natural color is suit with woody house, simple or minimalist. Oh yeah, don’t forget this! Match the color with your furniture interior. It’s a pity your color is good but not compatible with the interior. Imagine what color you are, and try!

Published on Sep 3, 2013 | Under Ideas & Design | By Angela Burton
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