Attractive Design of Modern Bedside Lamps for Your Bedroom

Some people like sleep in the darkness, although not really dark. It was a little lighting on their bed. This called bedside lamp that must produce amount of light and penetrate your bedroom. Long time ago, our ancestor used traditional lamp as their bedside lamp called oil lamp. The design was unique and ordinary unusual. They put oil lamps on the wall and ceiling or plafond. Most ordinary bedside lamp, include oil lamps placed next to the bed. But in modern style, oil lamp is rarely used. So that, mostly modern bedside lamps take the traditional concept to put the bedside lamps, next to the bed, always.

Sometimes most of the lamp is on the wall, swing arm lamp, and also hang on from the room ceiling. It is possible; there are still table lamp modes. Different with traditional style, modern bedside lamps use modern shape, too. Lamp shapes can be unique but not like traditional ones, similar with oil lamp but use electric, unusual lamps using paper crafts, combining with wood and artistic style, same as Asian ethnic lamps, or just simple shape like mushroom, rectangular, or just boxes.

Choice will depend on your personal taste and room decoration. You should be paid to make your room harmonize and also think about lamp’s electricity whether consume high electricity or not. Don’t over decorate your bedroom with modern bedside lamps that not suitable with your capability, it will be waste. Remember, when you need to add some bedside lamps in your bedroom, just make sure that bedside lighting has an easily accessible switch to turned on or turn off while you are in bed.

Combine your bedside lamps’ shape and the direction. There are some ways to do. Lamp on the wall, hang pendant over each on, or swing arm lamp. Downward task lighting is conducive for reading and free up room on the bedside tables. It will be more creative if you add some more artistic pattern by hand-painted. You can try the modern bedside lamps concept for your bedroom. Feel comfortable to choose your choices.

Published on Nov 3, 2015 | Under Bedroom & Nursery | By Angela Burton
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