Amazing Steel and Glass House Designs

Steel and glass house is an idea of using two elements that have properties opposite to each other. Steel has the nature or character of a hard, thicker and tends to have a darker color and not transparent while glass has properties that are not so hard, is thinner and tends to have a brighter appearance and very transparent. Although it has two properties and different characters, but these two elements can be put together in any shape or design that is beautiful and exotic home and had a very special unique value. The use of steel and glass is applied, especially on the walls of the house, as seen in the picture.

This steel and glass house consists of two parts, the front and rear. For the first building in the front, all parts of the face with a wall of glass, both for floor and under the floor which is above. For the lower floor, the room is divided into two parts. Each wall which was in front had the same look but contradictory. On the left, a door made of glass placed on the far right. As for the space is on the right, the glass door is located at the far left. So the two doors that have the exact same shape and size is becoming close to each other, but the wall that is next door-located far from each other.

As for the upper floors of steel and glass house, glass walls divided into three sections of equal size. All three also have glass walls that look not so different except for one wall in the middle. At the top of the wall made ​​a sort of small rectangular window that is used as a means of ventilation. The second building is located at the back, a little sideways position of the house that was in front. So the zoom can also be seen clearly, although not fully. The front wall is located on the left, use a stone wall. While those on the right, the glass used to make the door open systems using the concept of a sliding lid, not to be pushed or pulled.

Published on Oct 24, 2015 | Under Architecture & Plan | By Peverell Bélair
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