Amazing Johnston Architects Seattle

If you see the image below it’s the design of house designed by Johnston architects Seattle, it looks very adorable is not it? another good inspiration for you, combination between modern and contemporary style creates nice home atmospheres, try to look on the material side, it has two dominant material and glass material, the glass material is consist of high quality glass with better thickness and resistance, it have better resistance against the weather, the frame is created from solid iron, and it have resistance against the earth quake, some may say earth quake proof, better design and good resistance.

The other thing about Johnston architects Seattle is the interior, you may see the exterior is fancy and stunning, but once you see the interior, you will feel this room is perfect, as I said before, wooden material is dominating, you can see the floor, and the drywall is wood material, the floor looks very suitable with the color theme natural wood color make the room full with calm and peace atmosphere, it will be good to regenerate the mood after doing the hard works, there also fancy furniture on the living room, modern and stylish furniture become the most attractive view.

The other beautiful parts is the balcony, there is a fancy balcony on the side of the house, with fine cabin deck material and iron railing make s the balcony better than the other, if you look on the entrance, you will see there is a modern door entrance, I really like the handle, it’s very unique, stainless material makes this door entrance is more valuable, it’s good to observe the design of famous designer, just to know the new design or just want to increase your knowledge about home designing, after you see the picture, you may have better vision about your next home designing project, sharing to the other designer and creating brand new home design, good luck guy’s.

Published on Sep 25, 2013 | Under Architecture & Plan | By Angela Burton
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