Stylish Tiny Houses Prefab Features and Design

Unique and Stylish Tiny Houses Prefab Features and Design

  Today having a tiny house is no longer a big problem because many people have tiny houses as their living space and they are not bad. Tiny house now doesn’t have a negative look, but it has more positive looks instead because many great and innovative features have been added. Tiny houses prefab is one of the great designs of tiny house that has been commonly used by many […]

Best Small House Design Idea

Best Small House Design

Sometimes we are confused and chose the wrong path when decorating our homes. We tend to go with interior decoration which does not really fit your house. The things get worse especially if we deal with small spaced houses since they require you to think twice harder compared to when decorating houses with wide or big space. Then what is actually the best small house design which will fit small […]

Texas Tiny Houses Canyon Lake Loft

Unique Small Texas Homes Design Ideas

  Having a certain theme for your house is probably a great choice of design. Designing a house should have a certain theme to make it easier to determine what is your house gonna be. The theme can be according to the region you live in. For example, the American style house, the European style house, and the Asian style house. Even, you could be more specific, such as the […]

Wall Mounted Letter Rack With Yellow Color

Wall Mounted Letter Rack

Decorating the house is not as easy as it looks simple because you need to think about a lot of things and put them in mind as the consideration when choosing the right method of utilizing the space while providing more roles to the house. There are so many parts of home decoration you have to pay serious attention at, including the way you organize things in the house. Keep […]

Flowing Lake Residence by David Vandervort Architects With Window Glass

Flowing Lake Residence by David Vandervort Architects

This is another house that really captured my heart and made me want to spend my whole off time there. Ok, the 20 flowing lake residence by David Vendenvort architects has simple design even though it’s quite narrow. Right at the time we see the face of the house we will know that this house is the epitome of modernity with its neutral and quite dark color combined with glassed […]

Stylish Louis Xvi Settee

Louis Xvi Settee Sofa Furniture

Well, you may already know about this legendary person, yes, he is Louis xvi, he is the one known as the most valuable ruler in this worlds, anything about him have high price, the fashion, the accessories, gold’s, jewels’ diamonds, all represent fancy and very high quality stuff, just like this Louis xvi settee, well, this obviously can be seen from the design, this Louis xvi settee is probably the […]

Organizing Kid’s Bedroom Art

Organizing Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

How are mom and dad? How your child’s growth? Certainly very good .Your child is beginning to understand many things, love to play with their peers. Surely you as a parent have set up their own child’s bedroom, where they can play and learn in the room. However, sometimes children do not understand how to manage his bedroom? Often you come across a child’s bedroom is cluttered with toys scattered […]

9 Jalansiap by Ongong With Glass Doors

9 Jalansiap by Ongong

Even though Singapore has quite small area, but it does not mean the residences there are not highly designed. For example this house which is called 9 jalansiap which is created by ongong. The house has the blend of contemporary planning of layout and traditional design as well. This can be seen clearly right after we see the face of the house. The house is named like that because it […]

Contemporary Modular Homes With Glass Fence

Contemporary Modular Homes

More and more people now started to consider the idea to stay in contemporary modular homes as these kinds of home offer so many benefits along the way, not to mention those things have been a fixture of the North American landscape for several decades now. We are talking about the popularity of the contemporary modular homes that reaches its peak these days. Indeed, in the very first growth of […]

Black and White Multicolor Stripped Wall Paper

Black and White Stripped Wall Paper Home Decoration

Wallpapers have been around since a long time ago and until now they keep existing themselves in helping homeowners decorating their living place. So, when talking about wallpapers, there are many style and patters which are available and can be chosen in decorating our houses, but there is one supreme pattern or we can say color combination which has been around since hundred years ago, and that color combination is […]

Characteristics of Georgian Style Homes with Sinister with Plate

How to Install Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

Dated cabinets are so frustrating especially in a kitchen. Since cabinet is one of the focal points in a living room, then it should be kept modern and dated. Updating the look of old cabinets can be done in many ways, one of them is by installing glass front kitchen cabinets to replace the wooden doors of your cabinet. How to install glass front doors for cabinet is easy. Here […]

Cool Landscape Edging Ideas

Landscape Edging Ideas

Plan to decorate your garden? So you have to consider landscape edging ideas to start everything up. As you know in landscaping, the purpose of edging is to create a definitive line between your flower beds and the rest of your lawn. Edging is certainly like the integral part of landscape design which created by cutting clean lines into the sod. There are some landscape edging ideas that you might […]

How Much is a Gas Fireplace with Fancy

How Much is a Gas Fireplace

Create a space gas fireplace as comfortable as possible, so that your loved ones happy to be there during winter or at night is of course cold, but do not forget to the case of how much is a gas fireplace. By creating comfort will certainly affect couples to create moments that will make the atmosphere becomes warmer. F you want to make the dining room along with a great impression, […]